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Amy Ratcliffe

Louisa is brilliant!  She is calm and puts you at your ease. I would recommend her.

Roger Price

Fantastic service PPE supplied after temperature check before entry.  Wonderful service fixed what was a real problem for me recently.  To control it long term now thinking of regular maintenance to keep me well. Thanks Louisa.

Sion Curry

Felt safe with the Covid protocol, temperature tested before entry, correct PPE used and my back feels much better.  Contactless payment.  A safe stress free visit.  Thank you Clear Chiropractic.

Lindsey Wills

Great service, Louisa always fits me in and best of all after a visit I am no longer in pain.  Helpful and professional, would highly recommend.

David White

Not only was Louisa professional calm and lovely; she fixed what I visited for quickly.  Then discovered so much more that I haven't even realised was wrong, until it was again treated.  I now have a lot more flexibility that I had clearly forgotten what was normal!!!


Excellent, unhurried treatment.  A friendly and professional experience. I like the fact that I'm treated with great care and understanding.  I have been going to this clinic for over 2 years now and feel so  much better for it.  I would really recommend it to anyone, especially those that fear that chiropractic treatment is either uncomfortable or painful, you won't get that here!!

Pippa Bray

Two treatments and I have had great relief from pain that has lasted nearly 2 years.  Lovely clam atmosphere and everything explained well.  Many thanks Louisa!

Tish Speer

A very approachable and knowledgeable chiropractor.  Over the years I have had many treatments for back pain etc., and this had been the best by far.  I would highly recommend this practice, and feel extremely fortunate to be a patient there.

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