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Swedish Massage Therapy

Relax, rest and repair.

This 45minute long relaxing treatment of the body works gently but deeply to release tension and break up adhesions within the the various muscle groups, stretching and relaxing the soft tissues.  It is great for tight and fatigued muscles and done regularly helps to maintain muscle fibre elasticity.

Did you know that massage therapy is proven to boost blood circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, better sleep and help the body move into the rest and repair state all with a healthy dose of relaxation.

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Hot Stone Therapy

The ultimate spa massage

Based on the original Lastone Therapy this hour long massage therapy incorporates hot basalt and cool marble stones to bring about balance within the body.

The heat permeates deep into the muscle fibres allowing beneficial change with very little pressure, whilst cool marble is used to reduce areas of inflammation and awaken the senses.  The overall effect is deep relaxation which actually leaves you feeling invigorated.

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Extended Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Addressing soft tissue injuries

Ideal for sports injuries and those stubborn areas of tightness and pain caused by over exertion or repetitive activity (or inactivity!).


This advanced massage therapy works deeply into the muscles and surrounding fascia to break up adhesions and speed the repair process in soft tissue injuries. The massage, myofascial techniques and stretches used combine for a complete package of care.

Back Massage
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