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Initial Consultation

What to expect

When we first meet we will need to discuss what is troubling you & how it is effecting you.  I will also ask questions about your current health, medications & any past medical history before we move on to the physical exam to establish the origins of your problem. 


The physical exam looks at how you move, muscle strength & reflex testing, palpation and appropriate orthopaedic tests.  In most cases at this point you will be given my clinical impression and treatment may begin.  Occasionally onward or imaging referral is necessary.

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Chiropractic follow-up

Patient centred care

I tailor treatments according to your age, unique presentation and personal preferences.  If there are particular treatment modalities that you know work well for you, or that you don't like please make me aware.  There are always alternatives.


A course of treatment may include joint manipulation or mobilisation to free up locked joints. It may include myofascial techniques or medical acupuncture to release tight muscles.

Getting you involved in your recovery is also important to empower you take back control of your health, so you can expect some top tips on moving well, as well as any relevant stretches or strengthening exercises that will benefit you.

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