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Coronavirus: Temporary Clinic Closure

Louisa Marples


As the Coronavirus takes hold of the country I have had to make the difficult decision to close the clinic temporarily in order to ensure the safety of my patients, co-workers and family.

As concern over public safety heightens because of how quickly the Coronavirus pandemic is spreading in the UK and across the globe and after considering advice by my governing bodies, I have today had to make the difficult decision to cease appointments temporarily as it is no longer safe to treat people face to face, so the clinic will be closed until further notice.

I will be in contact with everyone who has appointments booked in the coming days and weeks and I will remain at the end of the phone to offer advice on self care stratagies for anyone in immediate discomfort.

For now it is important that we all follow government advice and stay home to stay safe and limit the burden on the NHS in the coming weeks. I will post updates as and when there are developments.

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